This REDFEB, we invite you to wear Red for someone close to your heart – a family member, wife, husband, or in memory of someone you loved who sadly passed away due to heart disease.

Heart disease kills more than two times as many Australian women than breast cancer!

With that in mind, about 40% of heart attacks in women are fatal, and many occur without prior warning.

Did you know that women can experience different symptoms of a heart attack to men?

Apart from chest pain/discomfort, shortness of breath and nausea, women may also experience the following:

– Dizziness

– Vomiting

– Fatigue

– Light-headedness

– Sweating

– Burning sensation in the chest similar to heartburn

Whilst heart disease can occur at any age, around menopause the risk increases significantly. Once there is a drop in oestrogen levels as well as the other changes occurring, there is a significant increase in the risk of heart disease.

How can women reduce their risk? · Have an active lifestyle throughout life, at least 30 minutes, 3–5 times a week · Follow a low-fat diet · Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

· Maintain a healthy body weight

The risk of developing diabetes is increased greatly by physical inactivity and obesity. In 2001 about 20% of Australian women were classified as obese. Symptoms are generally not present, as diabetes is usually present for many years before symptoms develop.

Diabetes increases the risk of heart attack by 3-7 times in women, compared with 2-3 times in men.

People who live with Diabetes also have more widespread atherosclerosis than others and are often less suitable for stenting or surgery. Regular exercise and weight control can usually prevent diabetes.

Be assured that the Friendlies are doing their part in this initiative. So, come on down to our Pharmacies and get your blood pressure checked by one of our amazing staff, and make sure you are wearing RED.