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Our Story

The Warwick Friendly Society Association was formed in 1908 by the uniting of several friendly societies who had the support of their members, particularly those who were in a time of need due to illness or injury, as their common goal.

Though their membership reflected the different villages, nationalities and denominations of the Southern Downs, these organisations connected to care for their members so that “When trying times come, as they come to everybody, they were not borne alone”.

The Society continues to be a local, member owned, not for profit organisation. We operate two pharmacies, the Warwick Friendly Society Health Centre and other healthcare infrastructure to support the health of our members and the Warwick community.

The Society’s first pharmacy opened in 1912 in Palmerin Street. The Warwick Friendly Society has since expanded to include a secondary pharmacy and, with the joint cooperation of fellow doctors and health professionals in Warwick, the Friendly Society Health Centre in Wood Street.

After over 100 years our organisation is still owned by its members- Warwick locals who have a vested interest in the overall welfare of their community.