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Membership Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions contain important information about becoming a member of Warwick Friendly Society.  The Terms and Conditions comply with the requirements of the Society’s Constitution and where these terms and conditions are inconsistent with the Constitution, the Constitution shall apply to the extent of such inconsistency.

You should read this document carefully and make sure you understand it before you join.  If you do not understand something, ask us or seek advice.

What is set out in this agreement overrides anything that anyone may have said to you. If there is something in this agreement different to something that you may have been told, you should tell us before you sign this agreement.  If we do not enforce our contract rights at any time it does not mean that we have waived those rights.


Membership of the Warwick Friendly Society consists of:

General Members, being individuals, who shall pay an annual membership fee and includes Joint Members; The Board may admit 2 or more persons to Membership as a Joint Member.  Joint members receive the benefits of membership.

Family Members, being General Members who register their dependents to receive the benefits of Membership through the General Member’s Membership.   Dependents means spouse, de-facto spouse, children under the age of 17 years, and student children under the age of 25 years.

Corporate Members, being incorporated companies, clubs, associations and organisations.

Minor Members, being individuals under the age of 16 years and are entitled to the benefits of Membership except the ability to attend and vote at any general meeting of the Company; to receive notices of general meetings and accounts; and to hold office in the Company.

Admission to Membership

The Board may in its absolute discretion admit or refuse admission of any applicant to Membership.

Each person applying for Membership shall pay an annual subscription fee of $5.50 ($2.20 for Concession Card Holders).

Membership of the Company is not transferable, the rights, privileges or benefits of Membership of the Company being personal to the Member.

If the Membership applied for is not granted then all money so paid by the applicant shall be refunded to him by the company.

Register of Members

The Board shall keep a register of Members which contains the following particulars:

  • the name and address of each Member and a description of the type of Membership and security held;
  • the date on which the name of each Member was entered in the Register;
  • the date on which any notice was given to Members as required under the Law particularly notices relating to general meetings of the Company and the right to receive financial reports and statements of the Company;
  • whether the Member elected to receive notice of meetings of the Company and/or the financial reports and statements of the Company;
  • the date on which a Member ceased to be a Member.

The following provisions apply to Joint Members:

(a) Joint Members may determine the order in which their names are to appear in the Register. If they don’t determine the order, the Board or its delegate may determine the order in which they appear.

(b) The person named first in the Register is the primary joint Member. Notices or other documents may be given or sent to the primary joint Member.

(c) Only the primary joint Member is entitled to vote. 

Termination of Membership

Membership ends upon the death of the Member, resignation of the Member, if the membership lapses or if the membership is terminated by the board.

A Member may resign their Membership by giving notice in writing to the Secretary and that termination will be effective on the date of receipt of the notice by the Secretary.

If the full amount of the annual subscription fee is not received by the Secretary within 28 days after the due date Membership shall without any further action lapse.

The Board may by resolution censure, fine, suspend or expel from the Company a Member on the grounds that the Member wilfully refuses or neglects to comply with the provisions of the Constitution; or the Member is guilty of conduct which, in the opinion of the Board, is unbecoming of a Member or prejudicial to the interests of the Company.

Upon ceasing to be a Member of the company the Member shall remain liable for any monies due to the Company and unpaid at the date of their ceasing to be a Member.

A Member who is no longer a member shall not have any claim, monetary or otherwise, on the Company’s funds or property.

Membership Renewals

If the yearly membership fee has not been received by the Secretary within 28 days after the due date, membership shall without any further action lapse.

Where a Member’s membership has been terminated or lapsed, the Board may choose to reinstate that Member’s Membership subject to any conditions the Board considers appropriate.

Membership Benefits

Membership entitles the member to benefits as determined by the Board. 

These may be withdrawn or altered by the Board at any time without notice.

Liability of Members

As per the Constitution of the Warwick Friendly Society, the liability of the members is limited.

Each Member undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Company in the event of its being wound up while they are a Member or within one year after they cease to be a Member for the payment of the debts and liabilities of the Company contracted before they cease to be a Member and of the costs charges and expenses of winding up and for adjustment of the rights of the contributors among themselves such amount as may be required not exceeding $2.00 per Member.

Annual General Meeting

Members are invited to attend and be part of the Warwick Friendly Society annual general meeting.

Business of General Meetings

The business of an annual general meeting is to receive and consider the financial and other reports required by the Law to be laid before each annual general meeting, to elect Directors in the place of those retiring under these rules, when relevant to appoint an auditor, and to transact any other business which, under these rules, is required to be transacted at any annual general meeting. All other business transacted at an annual general meeting and all business transacted at other general meetings is deemed to be special.

General Meeting Notices

Notice of a general meeting may be given by the Board in the form and in the manner the Board thinks fit not less than 21 days in advance of the meeting.  Notice of meetings shall be given to those Members entitled under the Law to receive notice and such persons entitled under these rules or the Law to receive notice. The non-receipt of a notice of any general meeting by, or the accidental omission to give notice to, any person entitled to notice does not invalidate any resolution passed at that meeting.


A Member is entitled to vote at a meeting if a Member is financial on the date of the meeting. However, for the purpose of determining who is a Member, the Company shall close the Register twenty-one (21) days prior to the date of the meeting, and only those Members who both appear on the Register and are current financial Members at the date of the meeting are entitled to vote.

A Member is entitled to one vote on any question arising for determination by Members.

Current Member Benefits

The current member benefits approved by the Board as at 20 Sept 2019.

  • Discounts on instore purchases
  • Member Newsletter
  • Member Only Events
  • Free Home Delivery
  • Free Sleep Apnoea Consultation
  • Discounted Vaccinations
  • Scripts on File/Med Advisor App
  • MPS Services
  • Benefit of Membership at other Friendly Societies Australia wide
  • Provision of Community Benefits – Medical Centre, Physio Building & Community Support 
20 September 2019