Community Focus – Warwick Gymnastics Club

The Warwick Gymnastic Club Inc has been in operation for over 55 years, commencing as a boys trampolining club in Queens Park and progressively evolving to the gymnastics environment we operate under today, although we do still have an Olympic Trampoline from those early years.


The Club has suffered numerous setbacks in the past few years, commencing with bushfire damage, then 8 or 10 flood events and most recently a robbery where our iPads and safe contents were stolen.  Our members are very resilient though, rallying from strength to strength after each successive event and making sure the community remains the focus of the operation.


This year has seen a bit of downturn in membership, primarily believed to be a result of COVID impacts and to a lesser extent our flooding woes.  During 2021 we had over 380 members making us the biggest single community sports club in Warwick.  2022 has seen that number drop to around 250 participants but we are confident that numbers will return as the year progresses.


We employ 12 staff, mostly qualified coaches as well as our receptionist and cleaner/groundsman.  The Club is a Not-For-Profit organisation and as such operates under a Committee and Constitutional arrangement.  Our parents and friends volunteer endless hours to make sure the Club operates smoothly and our members get the enjoyment and benefits of the sporting and fitness offerings we have.

The Club’s most popular classes are the afternoon school aged Artistic Gymnastics offerings, which for girls is the Floor, Beam, Uneven Bars and Vault, whilst boys train Floor, Rings, Parallel Bars, Pommel, High Bar and Vault.  However, the community is largely unaware of our classes that cater for every other age and capability.  These are:

  • Tiny Tumblers – a class for confident walkers and toddlers not yet at school.  The classes focus on gross and fine motor skills and lots of climbing, jumping and fun.
  • TeenGym – a class after school for teenagers who don’t particularly want to stick to the routines and competitive gymnastics styles.  A self-paced relaxed training group aimed and fun, fitness and specific skills.
  • GymFit15+ – a fitness class for everyone that is based on circuit and strength work with some low level gymnastics thrown in.
  • Fitter For Life – a fitness and balance class, generally aimed at 50+ retirees, however people with injuries, knee reconstructions, etc also find it very beneficial.  This class focuses on very low impact exercise and balance to either regain or prevent loss of balance as age progresses.  It is also a very social occasion for the participants with plenty of fun and frivolity while you exercise and generally a coffee or tea afterwards.

The Club is located at 29 Easey Street, Warwick and operates 6 days a week.  Classes vary from casual to booked membership and are generally school term based.  After school classes are not casual and participants need to be booked in for their sessions.  The Club offers free assessment and trials and can be contacted on 4661 7925 or