Community Focus – Killarney Memorial Aged Care

Killarney Memorial Aged Care (Killarney Memorial) is one of Australia’s few remaining regional community-owned, not-for-profit health, community, and aging centre. Killarney Memorial has been serving its community for over 70 years and respects and builds on the work of past generations who created our health services and aged care to help locals stay in their town.

With a team of around 110 staff supporting 60 residents, 69 community clients and over a thousand medical patients. Killarney Memorial is unwavering in its commitment to the residents of Killarney and surrounding areas such as Legume, Tannymorel, Mount Colliery, and Yangan.

Our primary aim at Killarney Memorial is simple: to provide quality services catered to the diverse needs of our community. We prioritise Health and Wellness services that enrich the lives of our residents, clients, and the entire community. By catering to unique needs, values, interests, and aspirations, we foster lasting relationships with our community while collaborating with other providers to ensure holistic wellbeing for all.

So, what can Killarney Memorial offer you and your loved ones?

·         Residential Aged Care: A safe, comfortable homely environment for our elders to make their home as a permanent resident or to rest and revive for a respite period at what one of our beloved past residents called ‘the resort with support’.

·         Medical Services: An in-house medical centre to address the general health needs of our community. We provide general practitioners, skin clinic, allied health services and phlebotomy for our patents.

·         Home Care: Support for individuals who require assistance in their homes, ensuring they maintain independence and quality of life.

·         NDIS and Disability Support: Tailored programs to assist people fulfil their goals and live the life they want.

·         Dementia Care and Carer Support: Specialised care for individuals with dementia and invaluable support for their carers.

·         Palliative Care: Our palliative care service in both the community and residential care exemplifies our commitment to ensuring that the twilight years of life are spent in comfort and warmth, surrounded by loved ones ‘at home’ rather than in hospital.

·         Community Programs: Engaging activities and workshops, including Killarney Community Men’s Shed, Meals on Wheels, Yoga and other programs aimed at building community ties and wellness.

Whether you’re interested in our health services, keen to participate in our community programs, or simply wish to learn more about how we can assist you or your family members, Killarney Memorial is here to help.