Managing medications has never been easier, with MedAdvisor available in the app store or online- you are able to see a summary of how many prescriptions you have left, manage family members medications and much more.

Some of the key features:

Automatic Medication List

The home screen provides an automatically updated list whenever you get a prescription filled. The list provides you with information about the brand name, drug name, how many repeats left and days supply remaining. You can also order your medications here by simply using the tap to refill option- this sends an order through to your pharmacy to be processed, and once complete the pharmacist will let you know when it's ready to be collected (There is also an option to pay via MedAdvisor so you can simply walk in and out without having to wait).

Carer Mode

With the carer mode function you can access the medication profiles of multiple family members from the one account. It's a great tool for managing the medications of children, spouses and parents/grandparents with each individual appearing in their own sections on the home screen. *Appropriate consent is required from each individual for their medication information to be shared and managed by a carer.

Managing Supply

When it comes to monitoring how many days supply you have remaining, MedAdvisor uses the traffic light system to keep things as simple as possible. You can also add vitamins and other supplements to your medication list (These are not automatically updated and you will need to put in the days supply remaining if you wish to receive notifications).

Setting Reminders

There is an optional feature that lets you set alerts on your Apple and Android mobile devices to set reminders for when to take medications and at what times.

Script History

MedAdvisor provides you with a complete overview of your medication history (current and historic). The Scripts and Repeats section provides a complete picture of your current scripts- including details such as medication name and strength, repeats remaining and script expiry. Each script option can be expanded to show each dispense instance, location dispensed the date and quantity supplied.

Medication Information

MedAdvisor offers the full manufacturer information leaflet in as easy to use fold out section set-up. This information contains all the information about uses, possible side effects, cautions and warnings and safety checks. For selected medications, MedAdvisor offers additional information and training to assist you- this may include images of the box and tablets/device, product logo and more.