Community Focus- Warwick U3A

U3A is the University of the Third Age, which is the age of active retirement, coming after the age of youth and work and home making. University is a loose term – there are no academic requirements for membership and no exams. U3A Warwick is a part of the worldwide self-help organisation promoting learning for personal enjoyment and well-being, keeping the brain active, doing interesting things and activities.

At U3A, members learn together in a culture of like-minded peers who share a common goal of learning for pleasure. Naturally, this forges friendships and networks which reach out to other contacts in our age group and which address many of the risks to general health we all face as we age. These can include loss of social contact, lack of intellectual stimulation, and a decreasing sense of self worth. In a society with a growing population over 55, a society with new retirees who can be highly educated, widely traveled and who have a longer life expectancy than ever before, we provide not only new and varied challenges, but strive to extend present ideas and make the most of the “third age” stage of our lives (Active Retirement). Our classes reflect the interests and enthusiasms of current members, and we continue to listen to their needs and aspirations so as to provide even greater enjoyment and satisfaction.


We have over 200 local members and offer more than 20 courses each term. Our courses are normally run at the complex on the corner of Tooth St. and Wood Streets (Cunningham Highway).

For more information on what courses are available or if you have further questions head on over to the Warwick U3A page.