Community Focus – Warwick Cowboys

The Warwick Friendly Society have been sponsoring the Cowboys for the past couple of years. Donna Watson, Club Secretary, shared the following update with Ahmad:

We as a club are always busy whether it is preparing the fields, gathering valuable volunteers or just working on our next project behind the scenes. With the 2021 season in full flight we don’t have much time to breathe. 
Recently we had a flood in which Warwick received very welcoming rainfalls. Thankfully we had a fantastic bunch of volunteers come down and sand bag our clubhouse & fortunately the water did not enter the building but did lap onto the front deck which made everyone a little nervous. 
We have 5 teams in the TRL this year. The inaugural ladies team has been very successful so far this season and are sitting on top of the ladder. The inclusion of the Border Rivers 2nd Division has kicked off and has welcomed lots of eager players. Our other grades are the Under 18s, Reserve grade and A grade teams who are all doing very well competitively too.
During Covid and the downtime the club worked with SDIEA and a program to help get young men trained in a Cert I in Construction and they erected a shaded area outside our existing canteen area. This brings great joy to our club to see these young men and women getting involved and learning new skills. 
Also we re-fitted new facilities for our Men and Ladies amenities plus added a disabled toilet and parents room. This will ensure that we cater for everyone’s needs.
YMCA have come on board with sponsorship and our players are keen to use their facilities to become stronger and fitter. 
We are planning for a hectic season and we have our Annual Ladies Day coming up on Saturday 10th July. Major sponsor for the day is Power Pac Electrical. 
We continue to work with the community and hire out our venue for the Pensioners Group and Country Music Group. Warwick State High School Clontarf Academy recently used our facilities and fields as they hosted a football carnival with other Clontarf groups from around the Darling Downs. Students camped in swags overnight on the floor of the clubhouse and they held a very succesful carnival. We are always happy to work with community groups and willing to help out where we can.