· Job Title: Casual/Part-Time Cleaner

· Location: Warwick, Queensland, Australia (All three Warwick Friendly Society stores)


1. Perform general cleaning duties to maintain a clean and organized environment in all three stores, including both pharmacies and the SAM store.

2. Clean and sanitize surfaces, equipment, and facilities in accordance with established hygiene standards.

3. Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors regularly to ensure a tidy and safe workspace.

4. Empty and dispose of trash in designated areas.

5. Clean and sanitize restrooms regularly, ensuring a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

6. Assist in maintaining inventory of cleaning supplies and notify the supervisor when supplies need replenishment.

7. Report any maintenance issues or repairs needed to the appropriate department.

8. Follow safety guidelines and protocols to ensure a secure working environment.


1. Previous experience in cleaning or janitorial roles is preferred.

2. Ability to work independently and efficiently.

3. Good attention to detail and thoroughness in cleaning tasks.

4. Reliable and punctual, able to adhere to a set schedule.

5. Strong communication skills to report any issues or concerns.

Working Hours:

· The position is casual/part-time, and specific working hours will be discussed upon hiring. Flexibility may be required based on operational needs.

How to Apply:

· Interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to Shyam Nukala, General Manager snukala@wfsltd.com.au.