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Who we are

Established over a century ago, the Warwick Friendly Society has played an extensive part in the history of the Southern Downs region. Formed in 1909 and as the result of an amalgamation of smaller friendly societies in the area, the Warwick Friendly Society fulfilled a vital role – providing financial and social services to families and individuals in a time before government welfare and health insurance.

In 1912, the Society’s first pharmacy opened on the corner of Palmerin and Grafton Street, providing the community with a dispensary for all its medical needs. The Warwick Friendly Society has since expanded to include a second pharmacy and, with the joint cooperation of fellow Doctors and health professionals in Warwick, saw the successful construction of a health centre situated in Wood Street. This comprehensive health centre is made up of the Condamine Medical Centre, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, Warwick PhysioWorks, Queensland X-ray Centre, and the Southern Downs Dental practice.

The development of a central location where the people of Warwick can find answers to their medical questions, remedies for their ailments, and advice for their health, is an example of how Warwick Friendly Society isn’t like any ordinary pharmacy. Developments, such as this, show how the organisation is still owned by its members – Warwick locals who have a vested interest in the overall welfare of the community.

Despite the long history and considerable evolution that the Warwick Friendly Society has endured, it continues to remain local and with a priority to serve the great community of Warwick.

Warwick Friendly Society. Good Friends.